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AvoQure - 4oz


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AvoQure is a mixture of 10 exotic essential oils that are nutritious & digestable. AvoQure offers total body support and is great for cleanses & parasites
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World's Original Activated Avocado Oil | 10 Exotic Essential Oils | Nutritious & Digestable | Total Body Support | Great For Cleanses & Parasites


This is one of Dr Young's Newest products and is a mix of exotic essential oils for internal use. This mixture is the world's original activated avocado oil. 

Suggested Use:

1st 3 months 1/4 dropper 4x per day
2nd 3 months 1/4 dropper 3x per day
then permanently 1/4 dropper 1x per day

permanent dosage should have a bottle lasting 3 months
Serving size: 1/4 dropper

AvoQure ingredients include:
Proprietary Blend Of....
Avocado Oil
Hemp Oil
Red Pine Needle Oil
Carrot Seed Oil
Black Cumin Seed Oil
Cinnamon Bark Seed Oil
Lemon Grass Oil
Peppermint Oil
Clove Oil
White Thyme Oil

Coming Soon.....Sweet Orange Seed Oil

A little research on any of the ingredients above and you will find that this exotic essential oil blend is packed with a "powerhouse" of benefits.

Many of your organs will be supported by this oil blend: skin, heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, gall bladder, digestive tract & more.

This oil blend can assist with your weight loss goals and is great for helping control your blood sugar levels.

AvoQure is an antimicrobial & antibacterial so it can help with colds, fever or bacterial infections in the colon, stomach, urinary tract, lungs and other organ systems.

It helps remove stiffness in the muscles and joints and is suggested for arthritis.

I suggest you take 30-60 minutes and research these different ingredients yourself.

Dr Young's AvoQure is unique product and you will not find this blend anywhere else.

Get some AvoQure today!

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