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pH Miracle ChloropHeal - 16 oz


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pH Miracle Liquid ChloropHeal (chlorophyll) helps build your blood and overall health.
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Build Healthy Blood Cells | High Concentration Of Chlorophyll

ChloropHeal By pH Miracle®

Serving Size - 10-15 drops

Build your blood and overall health with Liquid ChloropHeal (chlorophyll) from pH Miracle®. This supplement delivers the healing and energizing qualities that come from the life-blood of green plants.

ChloropHeal - Chlorophyll is often referred to as the blood of the green plant. No wonder nothing compares to chlorophyll when it comes to building your blood. In fact, if you look at the molecular structure of your hemoglobin you'll find that the core structure is identical to chlorophyll, except for the center atom—Magnesium in chlorophyll and Iron in heme.

Dr. Young's research indicates as you increases your consumption of chlorophyll from green foods and green drinks the quality and quantity of the red blood cells improve. This can be noted on a CBC medical test as the red blood cell count increases and the hemoglobin increases in the healthy ranges. This makes liquid chlorophyll one of the most efficient ways to get your greens and build your blood.

ChloropHeal can be added to any water or green drink to improve the concentration of this powerful blood builder.

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