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Innerlight SuperGreens is Dr Young's original greens powder created back in @ 1995. Since then Dr Young has created multiple greens powders and we have them all available here. The 2nd generation formula, pH Miracle Greens, is very similar to InnerLight SuperGreens. A 4th generation formula, Doc Broc's Power Plants (also called Doc Broc's SuperGreens) is another powerful greens powder. If you want only grasses, leaves, vegetables, sprouts & herbs in your greens powder, go with the InnerLight SuperGreens or the pH Miracle Greens. If you want grasses, vegetables plus some fruits (without the sugar), go with the Doc Broc's Power Plants. We also have a NEW greens powder called iJuice SuperGreens. This formula contains only the best alkalizing green vegetables. Green drink powders are considered foundational and should be taken daily.
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InnerLight SuperGreens
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pH Miracle Greens
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Doc Broc's Power Plants
iJuice SuperGreens
iJuice Super Chlorophyll
Doc Broc Rocks