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InnerLight Blue Hydrogen Water Bottle
Innerlight Blue Hydrogen Water Bottle

InnerLight Blue Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Hydrogen Water Created Thru Electrolysis | Great Energy Product| Helps Maintain pH of Body Fluids | Bottle Easy To Clean | Eastman Tritan Plastic | BPA Free

InnerLight Blue Hydrogen Water Bottle

Suggested Use: 1.5 – 2 liters/quarts per day

Advanced Use: For optimal benefits drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts a day.

Serving size of bottle: 500 ml (@ 16 oz)

Available in black

Made of: Eastman Tritan Plastic, BPA free

Here are some additional features of the InnerLight Blue Hydrogen Water Bottle:

  • Battery capacity: 1000mAH
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Cup material: Eastman Tritan made in the USA
  • Cup material anti-aging, hydrolysis resistance, high-temperature resistance, resistance to fall, easy to clean
  • Material of the products do not contain plasticizers
  • Titanium platinum electrolytic electrode, high-efficiency electrolysis, long operating life
  • Hydrogen content 800ppb, negative potential -220 mHz
  • Lithium batteries, long battery operation life
  • Electrolysis process has hydrogen bubbles and LED Blue light structuring
  • Electrolysis process without noise
  • After the end of the electrolysis automatically shuts off
  • Drinking Volume: 1.5 – 2L per day
  • Water temperature: At room temperature 15-20 0C
  • Drinking program: 6-8 times a day with a glass of 150-200ml at a time.
  • Removes harmful free metabolic and dietary acids from the blood and interstitial fluids
  • Improves cellular health and immune support and protection
  • Enhances better nutrient absorption in the body
  • Better hydration of the body cells due small water cluster size
  • Increased blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Helps to lower saturated fat levels
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