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InnerLight Prime pH
InnerLight Prime pH - 2 oz

InnerLight Prime pH

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Innerlight Prime pH is a powerful oxygen catalyst that helps cells perform optimally. Prime pH will increases the pH of any water you put it in and will help blood absorb oxygen for more energy.
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Powerful Oxygen Catalyst| Helps Cells Perform Optimally | Increases pH Of Water | Helps Blood Absorb Oxygen For More Energy

Prime pH is an oxygen catalyst in the bloodstream that helps cells to perform optimally. It releases oxygen molecules in water for easier absorption by the body and helps blood absorb oxygen.

Suggested Use:

Adults - 10-15 drops per quart/liter

Servings Per 2oz Bottle - @60 srvgs - T: 900 drops

When added to water, SuperGreens, vegetable juice, or raw soups (unheated) it differentiates and adds extra electrons which raise the pH and Negative Charge (alkalinity) of the fluid.

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