Liver Support
pH Miracle Liver Support

Liver Support

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Dr Young's pH Miracle Liver Support. Helps to optimize healthy liver function.
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pH Miracle® Liver Support
90 capsules

Suggested Use:
Adults - 1-3 capsules with meals, 4-6 times/day

Children - 1 capsule with meals, 1-2 times a day

Description: pH Miracle Liver Support is a unique formulation designed to optimize healthy liver function. A specially processed liver concentrate is synergistically combined with related nutrients that can help balance the liver—improving bile production and fat metabolism.

The Liver Support is essential to healthy alkalization of the food and liquids ingested and secreting bile, an alkaline fluid which is particularly helpful in the alkalizing food, especially fat. When the liver is not functioning at its optimal level, bile production declines and fat alkalization slows. Besides the organ-specific extracts provided by Liver Support, this product introduces the body to choline, inositol, and lecithin, all agents that play an important part in keeping your fat alkalization in prime condition.

This original formulation by the Youngs is perfect for helping to maintain a healthy liver.

Other Ingredients:
vegetable cellulose, water, glycerin

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