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Osteoplex I
pH Miracle Osteoplex I

Osteoplex I

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Dr Young's pH Miracle Osteoplex I is a Liquid Colliodal that helps stimulates joints, connective tissue, cartilage & bones. Formerly Orthoplex I.
ID#: 30
Liquid Colliodal | Stimulates Joints, Connective Tissue, Cartilage & Bones | Formerly Orthoplex I

Osteoplex I
by pH Miracle
1 Fl. Oz. (29.57ml)

Serving Size: 5 drops (1ml)

SUGGESTED USE: 5 drops, 3 times/day

Other Ingredients: De-mineralized water

Description: This liquid colloidal encourages fast absorption and stimulates joints, connective tissue, cartilage and bones.

To be used in conjunction with pH Miracle Osteoplex II, and pH Miracle Nutrient Bridge.

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