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PuripHy pH Drops
PuripHy pH Drops - 2 oz

PuripHy pH Drops

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Dr Young's pH Miracle PuripHy for Alkaline water. This is an improved formula over InnerLight Prime pH
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Helps Body Absorb Oxygen | Purifies Water | Boosts The pH Of Any Water You Put It In | 2nd Gen To InnerLight Prime pH

PuripHy both alkalizes the water and increases oxygen absorption. It's simple and very effective at what it does. For people that travel a lot, this comes in handy. A quick trip to the store to buy some distilled or reverse osmosis water and you're in business.


For Adults -- 5 drops per liter/quart of water
PuripHy, like it's parent Prime pH, is water purification in a bottle, designed to raise the alkalinity of your water.

PuripHy is also an oxygen catalyst, helping your blood absorb more oxygen from the water you drink.

Try some pH Miracle PuripHy Today!

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