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The pH Miracle For Cancer
The pH Miracle For Cancer

The pH Miracle For Cancer

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The pH Miracle For Cancer

Dr Robert O. Young has a strong opinions & beliefs about cancer. This book is a "must read" for those who want an alternative view on this topic.

Discover strategies for the prevention, the cause, the treatment, and the possible reversal of ALL types of cancers including sarcomas, carcinomas, melanomas, myelomas, leukemias and lymphomas.

If you have cancer or know of someone with cancer you will NOT want to miss reading the pH Miracle for Cancer. This book will change your understanding of cancer and will change your life forever. It will empower you to take charge of your health and to prevent or potentially reverse the number two leading cause of death in the World.

In the 'pH Miracle for Cancer', Dr. Robert and Shelley Young will demystify this health issue, explain treatment, and provide simple, straightforward solutions to many health questions concerning a variety of cancerous conditions, such as: What is cancer and what is the cause of all cancer? Is cancer preventable, and if it is, how do we prevent it? Is there a formula for preventing or possibly reversing cancer? If I have cancer do I need to have radiation, chemotherapy or surgery? You might be surprised at the answers!

The pH Miracle for Cancer is for people who are serious about natural healing and creating freedom in their lives from all sickness and dis-ease. Dr. Robert and Shelley Young will personally guide you in each chapter, discussing cancer in detail, and revealing how their groundbreaking 'New Biology' has the ability to transform your cells, tissues and organs back to health and vitality. You will have all the science and their years of wisdom and experience at your fingertips to utilize in re-vitalizing your own body and healthy state.

The information in each chapter will be explained clearly, and you will read answers to specific questions relating to the cause and effect relationship. The pH Miracle for Cancer will help you expand your knowledge, experience renewal, and gain momentum from knowing the cause and how to prevent or potentially reverse any cancerous condition.

You will also discover: What is Cancer? What is cancer and what is the cause of all cancers? Is cancer a mutant cell, a virus, a mold, or is cancer an acidic liquid? What causes the number 1 cancer in women - breast cancer? What is the number cause of cancer in men - prostate cancer and why are so many men getting it? Is cancer a noun or an adjective and is it something we catch or something we do? Are tumors bad or good? What role does the lymphatic system play in cancer?

In one of the chapters you will gain a clear answer on 'Where Does Cancer Begin?' The focal point of all cancers, where they begin. Does diet and lifestyle have anything to do with cancer? Is cancer preventable, and if it is, how do we prevent it? If I have cancer, such as colon, lung, or pancreatic cancer, can I potentially reverse it naturally without taking drugs, radiation, or having surgery?

In another chapter you will learn how the impact of your emotions and thoughts can contribute or cause a cancerous condition? What influences do your emotions have on causing, potentially reversing, or preventing cancer? How do your thoughts impact the success of the treatment for cancer? Can you cause cancer with your thoughts? How does your personal relationship with friends, family and/or spouse prevent or cause cancer?

You will also learn how to prevent and potentially reverse cancer with diet and lifestyle. How daily exercise and sweating can remove the toxins or acids that cause cancer. What types of exercises are the best for preventing and potentially reversing cancer. You will learn about foods and drinks that heal cancer and foods and drinks that cause cancer. The pH Miracle for Cancer will contain hundreds of life changing and life saving alkalizing soup, salad, and juice recipes.

Finally you will learn the formula for preventing and reversing ALL cancerous conditions? Is there an inexpensive way to prevent or reverse cancer? Does the radiation from mamograms, MRI's or PET scans cause cancer or are there other non-radioactive tests such as Ultrasound and Thermography that provide valuable anatomical and physiological information in the prevention and treatment of cancer?

If I have cancer, do I need to have radiation, chemotherapy or surgery? (You might be surprised at the answer!) Learn about some of the latest natural treatments for cancer, such as alkalizing IV's or injections with sodium peroxide, potassium hydroxide, sodium chlorite, sodium and potassium bicarbonate IV's - hyperbaric oxygen - tissue factor - hyperthermia - chelation therapy - blood washing and alkalizing - Insulin potentiating therapy - just to name a few.

Knowledge is power and this knowledge for the prevention and potential reversal for ALL cancers contained in the pH Miracle for Cancer book by Dr. Robert and Shelley Young will change or save your life, a family members life or a friends life. It has already changed and saved millions of lives around the world!

If you're someone who wants an alternative view on the topic of cancer, this is a must read.

Get Dr. Young's pH Miracle for Cancer today!


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