Prime pH is now available again in a 2 oz bottle. Normal usage is 10-15 drops p/liter. So, now we have 2 pH drops to choose from. PuripHy or Prime pH. 

InnerLight SuperGreens capsules are NOW available for purchase. We have 1 size, 180 caps. This is a month supply at 6 capsules p/day. For those on the go, the capsules come in handy. Let me know if you have any questions. Ken

2/2/17 Update

InnerLight SuperGreens has been for sale again since August 1, 2016. We had a couple of "bumps" along the way but things are working smoothly now. The general consensus is that people are "very happy" we were able to bring this formula back. We will continue to expand and have some other exciting announcements coming soon.

For those who want to refer and sell SuperGreens, one other quick thing I've done is set up an affiliate program to sell InnerLight SuperGreens and Dr Young's NEW product line iJuice. If you are interested in more info on this program, go here.

8/1/16- After a 15 month wait, InnerLight SuperGreens is now for sale again. Pricing is similar to the old "retail" pricing structure at InnerLight Inc. You can find the InnerLight SuperGreens in the "Green Drink Powders" section of my site.

We have 4 green drink powders available:
1) InnerLight SuperGreens - 49 ingredients - grasses, leaves, vegetables, herbs & sprouts
2) pH Miracle Greens - 44 ingredients and closest to InnerLight SuperGreens formula - grasses, leaves, vegetables, herbs & sprouts
3) Doc Broc's Power Plants - 20 ingredients - vegetables, grasses & low sugar fruits
4) pHruits & pHoliage - 26 ingredients - vegetables & super-fruits

If you have questions about anything please feel free to call Ken at 1-954-459-1134.

7/26/16 Update

We are still on target for InnerLight SuperGreens to be available for purchase on August 1st, 2016. Some more details about the launch. This is the original formula of InnerLight SuperGreens. The InnerLight logo has been updated. The product will ship in a PET green bottle with a black cap.

Here is the NEW logo for the product:

Please also be aware that Dr Young is working on a few highly concentrated "juice powders" that will be launched in the August-September time frame. These products will be highly concentrated at 28-1. They will be "solo" products. We'll start with Super Wheat Grass.

You can find more information about the juice powders here.

6/30/16 Update
The original Formula of InnerLight SuperGreens will be available for sale again on August 1, 2016.

More details to follow soon.

For those interested in Dr Young's original formula SuperGreens (formerly distributed by InnerLight Inc. - now out of business), here is an update.

Dr Young's intent was to bring the SuperGreens formula back in 1Q 2016, BUT, practically, it just won't be possible anytime soon.

If you need more information than this, feel free to contact me.

The good thing is that we have Dr Young's other green drink powder formula's pH Miracle Greens & Doc Broc's Power Plants which are high quality green drink powders (as well as the rest of his product line).

Please feel free to call me if you have questions at 1-954-459-1134. Also sign up for my newsletter to get updates.

I’m now a dealer for all of Dr Young’s pH Miracle products and can answer any questions you have.

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So what do I recommend you do?

If you liked the InnerLight SuperGreens and you want to stay with a product very similar to that, get the pH Miracle Greens. This is the 2nd generation of InnerLight SuperGreens and an improvement over the original formula. Similar to InnerLight SuperGreens this formula contains grasses, leaves, vegetables, sprouted grains and herbs.

If you want to try the most current, and 4th generation of InnerLight SuperGreens, try the Doc Broc SuperGreens. In this formulation Dr Young has added some low sugar fruits to the mix like lemon, lime, cucumber, tomato, avocado (without the sugar).

Some people are adamant about not having fruits in their green drink powder so if that is the case with you, get the pH Miracle Greens. In fact, this is the choice I'm making.

So, InnerLight SuperGreens is currently not available BUT I’ve listed two great alternatives.

I’ve also included a list here of some additional InnerLight products and what product I recommend you move to:

InnerLight Product ==> pH Miracle Product

SuperGreens ==> pH Miracle Greens or Doc Broc Power Plants
Prime pH ==> pH Miracle PuripHy
BioLight => pH Miracle Cell Power

Let me know if questions. All the best! Ken

If you have questions, feel free to call me at 1-954-459-1134 or email at klyons (@) gmail.com. I'm located in South Florida.