I'm often asked "where should I start" on Dr Young's pH Miracle Alkaline Lifestyle program?

I've been doing Dr Young's program since 2001. I've learned a lot of things along the way. Let me give you my opinion. Hopefully this will help and keep you from being overwhelmed :-)

The first thing to understand is that this program is a "lifestyle" and not a diet. In other words, it's something you do every day, 365 days per year. That's not to say you can't miss a few days here and there, but once you become "aware", you will always find yourself getting right back on the program.

How do you become aware? By reading Dr Young's pH Miracle books, such as "The pH Miracle".

From a supplementation point of view, here are my opinions and what I suggest you do (this is not a medical opinion):

1) Pick one of the greens powders to start consuming.

Incorporating a greens powder into your daily regimen is a BIG part of this program. You can choose from either the InnerLight SuperGreens (my personal favorite), pH Miracle Greens or Doc Broc's Power Plants. Each one of these greens powders provides you with a HIGH concentration of chlorophyll which will help build healthy blood cells. If you're not sure which one to get, my suggestion would be to look at the ingredients list and pick one. Our greens powder with the most ingredients is the InnerLight SuperGreens (49 grasses, leaves, vegetables, sprouts & herbs). TBH, you cannot go wrong with any of Dr Young's greens powders. I call them the "Mercedes Benz of Greens Powders"! Dr Young's "greens" were the original ones back in the 90's. Since then "everybody and their brother" has created a greens powder, so be careful.

2) Determine if you want to incorporate the alkalizing pH drops into your daily regimen.

This is a choice that you will need to make. If I look at my client base 40% of the people ONLY do the greens powder and the other 60% do the greens powder with the pH drops/alkaline water.

If you're not sure I suggest you read Dr Young's book, "The pH Miracle". Additionally, you could also get "Sick & Tired", "The pH Miracle for Weight Loss" or "The pH Miracle for Diabetes". These books will do a great job of educating you on this program and the benefits of drinking alkaline water. You can get all of these books from Amazon Here:.

Once you read the information, become aware & internalize it, you will have a better feel for whether you want to add the pH drops and alkaline water to your daily lifestyle. I think it's important that you understand the program first, prior to buying a bunch of products. This is a decision you have to make.

3) Determine if you want to incorporate the pH Miracle pHour salts into your daily regimen.

Dr Young's pH Miracle pHour salts combine four powerful salts to help maintain the alkaline integrity of the internal fluids that surround all of body cells, tissues & organs. They are also great for the digestive tract and are loaded with magnesium.

Again, reading the pH miracle books will give you an idea of the importance of the salts.

4) Consider incorporating three additional products into your daily regimen:

- Cell Power (formerly BioLight)
- iJuice Soy Sprouts or iJuice Hemp
- Terra pHirma Clay

Cell Power helps boost overall energy and helps increase alertness, concentration, stamina & drive. This is one of my favorite products. You can also use this product in your eyes and ears. It creates "energy for healing" wherever you put it.

The iJuice Soy Sprouts, or iJuice Hemp, are sprouted vegetable sources of protein, rather than a legume source like soy "beans". iJuice Soy Sprouts Powder and iJuice Hemp have the highest concentration & bioavailability of nutrients & protein. iJuice Soy Sprouts Powder & iJuice Hemp boost the digestive function and are a great source of good cholesterol. They both can assist with healthy weight loss.

Terra pHirma Clay is a montmorillonite clay that helps keep the digestive tract clean. It can be mixed in with your greens, eaten or used topically.

So, to sum up, these 6 products round out what I call Dr Young's "Foundational" products. Foundational meaning you take these every day. It's like the foundation of a house, ONLY this is your "House of Health".

Here they are again:

1) Greens Powder, i.e., InnerLight SuperGreens, Doc Broc's Power Plants, pH Miracle Greens, etc.
2) PuripHy pH Drops
3) pHour Salts
4) Cell Power
5) iJuice Soy Sprouts or iJuice Hemp
6) Terra pHirma Clay

Let's do the math and figure out what it would cost per year to do these, then break it out by day.

Here are the calculations:
- 1/2 lb InnerLight SuperGreens every month $58 x 12 = $696
- 2 oz PuripHy pH drops every 2 months $54.95 x 6 = $329.70
- 1 lb phour salts every month $34.95 x 12 = $419.40
- 1 4oz bottle Cell Power every 2 months $64.95 x 6 = $389.70
- 1 1/2 lb iJuice Soy Sprouts or iJuice Hemp every 2 months $68 x 6 = $408
- 1 lb Terra pHirma Clay every 2 months $34.95 x 6 = $209.70

Total - $2452.50/365 = @$6.72 per day, @$204 p/month

So, for $6.72 p/day (about the same price as some fast-food meals) Dr Young's pH Miracle program can assist you with optimal health.

Now, if this amount is not possible for your budget, here is what I would do. Remember, this is my opinion and not medical advice.

Let's look at this from a Good, Better, Best & Ultimate point of view:

- Greens powder

- Greens powder
- pH drops

- Greens powder
- pH drops
- pHour Salts

- Greens powder
- pH drops
- pHour Salts
- Cell Power
- iJuice Soy Sprouts or iJuice Hemp

Now, you're probably asking, "What about ALL the other products that Dr Young has created, how and when should I take these?"

In my opinion, the rest of the products are considered "Support" products. These products would be used if:

- You were doing a 7 or 10 day Alkaline Plant Based Cleanse
- You want to target a specific area or organ of your body
- You want to "spruce up" the flavor of your white tea or "beverage of choice" throughout the day. No coffee or black tea :-)
- Your a big fan of "juicing" but you want to simplify the process with Dr Young's iJuice Juice Powders
- You want an easier way to ensure you're getting all the good oils in every day
- You want to really focus on your weight loss goals for a period of time
- I'm sure there are more.....

As I mentioned earlier, you can read about the Alkaline Plant Based Cleanse process in any of Dr Young's pH Miracle books.

To take this once step further, it might help if I tell you what I do:

- I take the 6 products listed in the "Ultimate" section above. I usually get 3-4 liters in per day. Some days less, some days more.
- In my greens drink I also like to mix in some iJuice Super Chlorophyll, iJuice Coconut & iJuice Red Pine Needle Oil.
- I like to drink white tea every now and then and use the following iJuice powders for flavoring and health benefits: iJuice ginger, iJuice Grapefruit, iJuice Kiwi & iJuice Beet
- I drink a 2-4 oz "juice shot" 1-2x per day using the iJuice Beet or iJuice Broccoli Sprouts
- 2-3x per week I mix the Terra pHirma Clay in my green drink
- I do an alkaline plant based cleanse 2x per year and take products associated with the cleanse during this time.

I hope this outline helps you create a pH Miracle Alkaline Lifestyle program for yourself. Every person is different and will create a program that is right for them.

I can sum up this pH Miracle Alkaline Lifestyle Program with the following eight focus areas that can help everyone:

- More water
- More structured alkaline water (alkaline water mixed with greens powder)
- More alkaline fruits & vegetables
- More exercise
- More good oils
- Cleanse at least once per year
- Adequate sleep
- Continuing education & more awareness by reading the pH Miracle books and other books on topics above.

I hope this helps!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call Ken at 1-954-459-1134.

p.s. - As stated above, I'm not giving any medical advice. I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. :-) I'm just someone who has been on this pH Miracle Alkaline Lifestyle program since 2001 and has seen positive results from implementing it. I originally heard about this program in a 2 hour interview between Anthony Robbins (motivational speaker) and Dr Young. I'm forever grateful to these 2 guys because they set me on a new course health wise and changed my life forever!